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  • Natalie Kelly

Mommas New Job

A few months ago I was so lucky to get hired on as a Wayfair Designer. Wayfair launched Wayfair Design Services last year. It is a service where a customer can pick from 3 different packages, Consultation, Lite and Classic.

The Consultation Package are for customers who have smaller project requirements or are just looking for some design advice. A current client I am working with that picked the Consultation package is just looking for advice on a new rug for their living room. She sent me pictures of the space and information of what she is looking for. I am picking out a few options for her and she will pick one of those to purchase.

The Lite Package are for customers who are looking to refresh their look or decorate a new room. A current client I have that has the Lite package is looking to redecorate her master bedroom. She wrote in her overview that she has young kids and really wants a room to go to at night and feel relaxed and almost like an escape. Clients put pictures of their current space as well as links to furniture they are keeping so I can incorporate them. They also can provide a link to a Pinterest board with ideas for their room. The Lite package includes a phone call to kick off the conversation and I can really get information about what they are looking for. From there I will source items to a favorites list and once I like what I have found I will create a concept board. A concept board is a visual of all of the pieces together so the client can get a good idea of what the space will look like. I also include a shopping list of those items as well as a few other options on some of the pieces in case there is something else they may like better. Once they like everything then I can close out the project and they can purchase the pieces.

The Classic Package is has everything the Lite Package has but also includes a detailed floor plan of how the room will be laid out. Plus once they have agreed on everything on the concept board then I will send their board and floor plan off and the client will receive a rendering of their room. These are always so fun to actually see the room put together with the furniture, accessories and wall color you chose!

Working as a Wayfair designer has been truly incredible especially since this is entirely home based. I have been able to work on projects while the kids are hanging out at home or even get some work done on the app.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in this service I highly recommend you check it out!!!

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